Breathing workshops becoming more popular at strength and conditioning gyms

Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Breathing workshops offered at gyms
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Breathing workshops are becoming more popular at strength and conditioning gyms like a Different Breed.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Breathing exercises are being integrated into workouts at strength and conditioning gyms like A Different Breed Strength and Conditioning.

Breath coach Rob Starbuck believes these techniques are crucial and usually implements them at the end of each class.

One of his students, Brie Moriarty, explains the need for these breathing practices after an intense workout. "You feel super dizzy, a little tingly and it just makes you realize that you don't get air throughout your body the way you need to every day," she said.

Starbuck says breathing deeply through your mouth rather than your nose brings in more air volume into your body.

"It's all through the mouth. It's a belly breath or chest breath and then an exhale," Starbuck said.

They breathe for about 28 minutes and then let out a big scream at the end.

Starbuck encourages his students to let everything out at the end, "You can have the urge to laugh, you can have the urge to cry, to scream. these are the things that hold us back in life. If you do have the urge, do it."

This program is offered as a breathing workshop alone or as a complement to their training class.