Burbank dental lab shifts to making 3D protective masks for local hospitals

Burbank Dental Laboratory has retooled and shifted to making 3D personal protective equipment (PPE) face masks for local hospitals, health care workers, using unique material, including filters used regularly in hospitals.

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Monday, April 20, 2020
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3D FACE MASKS: Family-owned dental lab is helping local hospitals and healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 outbreak by designing PPE face masks similar to N95 masks.

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- Burbank Dental Laboratory is coming to the aid of local healthcare workers who are putting their own lives at risk as they treat COVID-19 patients.

It is making 3D printing filtration masks and donating them, but they need your help to boost production.

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It's a process that takes just a few hours. Using a 3D printer, the Burbank lab is making the masks for medical workers.

The family-owned dental lab wanted to do something to help the hospitals and healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 outbreak. They consulted with medical professionals and designed the masks to offer protection, they say, is similar to the N95 masks.

They say the design is simple, but they're using a unique material to make the masks, including a filter that is used regularly in hospitals.

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"This is not necessarily for people that are out shopping, or you know, trying to bike ride," said Andrew Sedler with Burbank Dental Laboratory. "This is for people dealing with COVID positive patients and they have families that they gotta get back to and or they themselves, obviously, we need to keep them as healthy as possible," said Sedler

Burbank Dental says they have donated the 3D masks to a number of hospitals and have received a lot of good feedback.

The owners have spent several thousand dollars of their own money making the masks. They say they're not seeking any profits, but they are asking for donations from the public so they can make more masks to help hospital workers, essential workers and also to help the community.

To donate, visit: burbankdental.com/masks

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