Moments captured from stay-at-home orders brings Angelenos 'together apart' during coronavirus pandemic

Together Apart photographic series captures Angelenos during coronavirus pandemic
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- With stay-at-home orders issued for about a month now, being stuck indoors due to the virus can be a bit of a challenge.

Feeling stressed and anxious, like most Americans, Los Angeles filmmaker and photographer Andrew Putschoegl set to document "physical distancing" by taking portraits of the community to help others feel less alone.

"For me, creating art and putting something out into the world that brings a little of joy - whenever the time, but certainly when times are tough - is a key element of who I am," Putschoegl told ABC7.

He launched his series on Instagram called, Together Apart, and began cataloguing the realities of the pandemic by snapping shots of friends, friends of friends and eventually strangers.

"There's something about being physically present with somebody right now, when it's not something we're generally allowed to do. Even if I'm 20 or 30 feet or 15 stories away from somebody, there's a moment of connection," said Putschoegl.

From a safe and creative distance, he has since photographed dozens of people and pets in about 50 different places across LA.

"Many people have said that I'm the first person they've seen in the flesh in two or three weeks or a month," Putschoegl said. "There's something really lovely about being that positive force for them in that moment - even if it's five minutes," explained Putschoegl.

To be part of the project - just head to Instagram and send a DM to Together Apart.
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