Dark comedy 'The Estate' features cousins squabbling for dying aunt's fortune

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Monday, November 7, 2022
Bad behavior is front and center in new comedy 'The Estate'
David Duchovny, Anna Faris and Kathleen Turner star in "The Estate," a dark comedy about cousins squabbling over their dying aunt's fortune.

The new comedy "The Estate" is about some cousins who all want the same thing: Their dying aunt's fortune.

The aunt in question is played by veteran star Kathleen Turner. Her nieces and nephews come out of the woodwork when they hear she is not long for this world.

They are looking to get what she is leaving behind. Actor David Duchovny knows there are many parts to this movie that are just wrong - but in the best, most fun way possible.

"That's what comedy is, you know? Comedy is the breaking down of the rules of society. And here, we're doing it at a base level," said Duchovny. "It's kind of liberating and it's a fun romp."

The cast loved working with Turner.

"Absolutely. She is a living legend. And she's really an incredible human," said Toni Collette. "She's so honest and so forthright. I love her honesty and her frankness really just to speak the truth."

"She loves it. She loves it so much. And she appreciates good work and good scenes and she doesn't suffer fools if it's not going well," said Rosemarie DeWitt.

The stars had fun with their characters.

Duchovny says the pricey tracksuits he wore to play a creepy cousin were perfect.

"It was the only time, I have to say, in my career where the clothes really made the man where, once I put the clothes on, I was, like, 'I got this guy.'"

"I love playing a naughty, bad character. I do," said Anna Faris. "I mean, it feels like it's just always a rare treat."

"The Estate" is rated "R." It's in theaters now.