Just like humans, dogs have a gym of their own in Thousand Oaks

Wednesday, March 4, 2020
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A dog gym called the Zoom Room is a spot for all kinds of canines to learn agility, fun and obedience.

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (KABC) -- Most dogs love going for a walk or taking a trip to the dog park, but the Zoom Room in Thousand Oaks makes it easy to teach dogs - both young and old - new tricks.

Agility is the main theme with tunnels, ramps, gates and more.

Thousand Oaks franchisee Julie Rops said the dogs have a great time, but it's really about training for both dog and human.

"Some people are coming specifically for group classes. Others already have obedience or agility and they want play groups," she said.

Rops volunteered at dog shelters for the last 15 years and said she has fostered about 200 animals, so she knows how much the pups love to participate.

Man's best friend learns to run up the ramp, through the tunnel and through the sweeps.

Dogs learn to watch the arm, shoulder and hip of their human and get training too by playing a waiting game, which helps with obedience.

"It's really nice to have a bond with them. Just training, they listen better and learn to do 'waits' and 'comes,'" Debbie Davis said.

Along with agility and a little bit of behavior, apparently, owners have a lot to learn as well.

"Zoom Room's philosophy is we don't train dogs, we training the people who love them," Rops said. "Anything you're doing with your dog and giving direction is bonding. The dog needs to know that you are their provider."

Rops said it's important for your dog to get cues from you, and this type of workout supports that.

Classes at the Zoom Room average about $30.