Fitness pro suggests animal poses to get kids fit

BRENTWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- This isn't a typical scenario at most parks, but trainer Lana Titus wishes it was.

"As a mom and someone in fitness I really want to spread that message of staying active and healthy in a fun way for both parents and children," said Titus, instructor at Burn 60 in Brentwood.

Titus doesn't allow electronics at home at this point, yet her kids have more than enough playtime.

"I love doing animal yoga poses with my kids. Most of the things we do with the animal poses are 100 percent created by them.
Moving, having fun, making noises, I'm getting a stretch, I'm usually sweaty and I've laughed a lot," said Titus.

Fun is the most important component to this workout to keep kids moving.

Recent studies in the American College of Sports Medicine said asking kids to play in animal form is one of the smartest things we can do.

"If you make it seem like something they have to do, they're less likely to be interested," reminded Titus.

Monkey, crab, giraffe - go wild with imagination! Plus, this works for all fitness levels.

It's a great morning wake up call or a good way to get blood moving in the lull of a lazy afternoon.

Plus, yoga breathing teaches them to calm themselves in stressful situations.

Titus happens to be one of five finalists in Womens Health Magazine's "Next Fitness Star" competition .

She hopes if you like her message, you'll place a vote for her before Aug. 4 on the magazine's website. The winner stars in a DVD and becomes a contributor to the magazine.
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