Doctors seeing the need for hip replacements earlier in life

Jill Miller created a program called "The Roll Model" but she wasn't always a role model when it came to fitness.

"I'm human too and I did things in my 20s. You should have seen me dancing and flinging myself across floors into partners, into walls. I mean it was nuts."

Miller was shocked to discover she needed a hip replacement at age 40.

"We don't always know that what we're doing is setting the stage for something down the road," she said.

Her program has over 500 instructors worldwide using various sizes and tensions of balls that help to reduce tightness and pain in connective tissue. Because Miller is dedicated to body work - and because she taught yoga for years - the need for hip surgery really surprised her.

"I would hear pops that were natural but still I persisted and I had an addiction to stretching."

"The fact that I don't have annoying compensation issues plaguing me day and day out I think is a testimony to the work that I do."

Dr. Karen Joubert sadly sees this trending.

"The statistics now, hip replacements have more than doubled since 2000 and it's not with the older patients, it's with the 45-to-55 crowd," Joubert said.

Box jumps, heavy weighted squats, maybe a little too much Crossfit - Joubert says you can still do high-intensity but you're going to want to cross-train.

Joubert says there isn't much left but surgery when the joint and cartilage wears out.

Miller says her doctor said the MRI revealed bone on bone, bone spurs and bone bruises.

Joubert says if pain is impacting sleep, work, or exercise it's time to speak with an expert. If you ignore it, you might be in for other challenges.
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