Expert advocates a tidy fridge, pantry for weight loss

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An expert claims organization and creating discipline in the kitchen are the missing ingredients for those trying to lose weight. (KABC)

Is a well-kept refrigerator the key to losing a few pounds? Organizational expert Justin Klosky thinks so.

"The most important part of it is the discipline, clearly, when you are exercising or dieting," Klosky said.

Klosky was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder as a child, but turned his affliction into an asset.

Klosky wrote "Organize & Create Discipline" to help people take control in all areas of their lives, but notes it can speak specifically to food.

"When you're in an environment that is cleaner and more organized, you are much more likely to eat an apple over a chocolate bar," Klosky said.

Tip one: Wipe down and organize your fridge and pantry during dinner clean-up or when home from the market.

Klosky even took a look at my kitchen.

"I'm actually kind of impressed. There is organization, which is great. You have sectioned off certain things whether they're leftovers or meals. This is a fridge most people would want to look up too."

I did well, but got bad marks for putting indulgent foods at eye level. You want low visibility for when those cravings hit.

"It is a fact that if you see it and it's close, you will go to it immediately," Klosky said.

Perhaps one of Klosky's most important tips: If you buy a big bag of produce, you want to take it out of the big bag and put it into smaller bags, so it's easy to grab and go.

Also, place produce at eye level for better visibility.

"That way you see what you have, you know when it is going bad, and you remember to use it." Klosky said.

In the fridge or freezer, put things in clear containers for easy identification. It'll help cut waste too.

Dietitian Patricia Bannan says research from Cornell University claims from plate size to lighting, there are lots of other non-calorie counting tips to help.

"The darker the lighting, the more we eat. The more people at the table, the more we eat. The louder the music, the more we eat," Bannan said.

So adjusting your kitchen environment is half the battle.
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