'Little Black Book of Fitness' helps keep workouts on track

Gym owner Jeanette Ortega has taught exercise for years and realized some clients were missing a key component in fitness.

"It came from the need in knowing that there's so much more and clients were looking for more. They weren't losing weight or they were hitting plateaus that they couldn't exceed," said Ortega.

She felt they needed to learn how to be fit in mindset -- spirit and body, but that's often the last thing in mind when going after it at the gym.

That's why she wrote 'The Little Black Book of Fitness.'

Everybody has story, but it's not about counting reps or how much weight you can lift: It's about exercising your mind.

Shkira Singh and Don Padilla, formerly corporate executives, realized they were fit and making good money, but something was lacking in their lives.

"I've been really impatient and wanted everything yesterday," said Singh. "The more I worked out or the more money I made, I thought I was better than other people. Slave to my ego," recounted Padilla.

Both contributed to Ortega's book, expressing the need for gratitude in life.

"Enjoy your accomplishments, especially the small ones, and you'll get more fulfillment and happiness," said Singh.

Ortega is big on boot camp and cardio kick boxing, but she's trademarked 'Bootoga,' a workout that brings mind body components together, as workout time can be limited.

"Fusion of boot camp, yoga and meditation. We need that stretch. We need that stillness," said Ortega.

Former sheriff Cesar Martinez inspires in a different way. He worked gang enforcement and nearly died in an altercation with a suspect. That encounter led him to realize he wasn't in the shape he should be.

"I caught the subject and thought it was over, but that's when the fight actually started, and I almost lost my life," said Martinez.

Martinez said 43 percent of law enforcement officers are obese and 40 percent are overweight. Now a strength coach, he gets officers in shape.

But his motto rings true for all of us. "You should be prepared for everything," said Martinez.
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