Details on Long Beach's LGBTQ+ LB Proud event in May

Long Beach Pride is traditionally in May, but in 2022 it was moved to July. So, community members created their own event in May.
LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Long Beach Pride is traditionally in May, but in 2022 it was moved to July. That's why Long Beach community members decided to step in and create their own event during the traditional May pride weekend.

Sal Flores-Trimble said when pride was canceled last year, he decided to put together a few LGBTQ+ events in Long Beach.

The turnout was more than he expected so this year, his organization LB Living joined forces with Long Beach councilwoman Cindy Allen to create an official event called "Long Beach Proud," which will take place May 20 to May 22.

"Originally, Long Beach Pride was the third weekend of May. It is the first time this year they moved it to July and over the last few weeks, I got emails, phone calls you know, messages saying, 'Hey, are you doing anything for the original pride weekend,' so that's really what came about," Trimble said.

The idea for LB Proud came after a rainbow lifeguard tower was burned down in 2021. The cause of the fire has not been determined but the Long Beach Fire Department said the tower was replaced and repainted by lifeguards.

Trimble said the unfortunate fire ended up being motivation for last years and this year's events to show people, the LGBTQ+ community is still in Long Beach.

"People just wanted to be together and what better place than the beach. We have it here. Let's use it and lets making accessible to everybody," Trimble said.

The Long Beach Proud events this year include a nighttime bike parade, bar crawl and beach takeover.

"I have the privilege of being the mother of a gay daughter so I get the opportunity, she's in Vegas, so I've been to pride all over and they're great no matter where we go, but she will tell you this and I can say this, there's something special about Long Beach," said Allen.

All of the events are free and they're open to anyone.

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