California rain forecast 2019-2020: Region can expect less rain, warmer temps than last year

Dallas Raines Image
Saturday, October 19, 2019
SoCal winter 2019 outlook: less rain, warmer temps expected
ABC7 meteorologist Dallas Raines is forecasting less rain this winter than the heavy downpours Southern California saw last season.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Southern California will likely see a little less rain and warmer temperatures this coming winter compared to last season, according to the latest long-term forecast.

ABC7 meteorologist Dallas Raines is forecasting about 8-10 inches of rain this winter. That's less than the long-term average of around 13-15 inches and far below the more than 18 inches that fell last winter, leading to substantial flooding in a number of SoCal communities.

The jet stream will see a ridge of high pressure that will dominate the weather along the West Coast. That means overall there will be a little less rain than average across California with temperatures a little warmer than normal.

Snowfall in the mountains is expected to be near the normal seasonal average. Southern California mountains should expect in the range of 30 inches of snow.

The region can also expect to see the Santa Ana winds lasting a little longer than usual, well through the fall and into winter.