Culver City front-line health care worker receives surprise appreciation

Nursing supervisor at Southern California Hospital in Culver City is recognized for helping the fight against COVID-19.
CULVER CITY, Calif. (KABC) -- A simple thank you can go a long way -- especially to the unsung health heroes fighting on the COVID-19 front lines.

One Los Angeles company is on a mission to find and honor medical professionals in the community by thanking them with a small gesture of appreciation.

"They're putting themselves in danger for our well-being," said CEO & co-founder of Snibbs, Daniel Shemtob.

The chef and entrepreneur came up with the idea of Sole Support by thanking medical professionals and giving away free meals and footwear in person.

"My parents always taught me, give a 100 percent of whatever you do," said nursing supervisor with Southern California Hospital at Culver City, Josette Patton.

Patton was nominated for her tireless efforts and going above and beyond both at work and home.

"My mom is in Alabama. She's 89. I take care of my mom," Patton told ABC7. "She's still functioning; does everything that she wants to do. We're FaceTiming, there are a lot of phone calls," Patton added.

"When you come to work, it's one thing to be present, to be on time, to be hard working. But with Josette, it's how she makes you feel when she's around you," said Michael McGinty, chief nursing officer with Southern California Hospital at Culver City.

If you would like to help nominate a front line medical worker, just head to

"It is just a calling. If you truly want to help somebody, it is a calling. I just want to help people," said Patton.
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