'I'm gonna do it and not just talk about it:' Local hiker helps get rid of trash along his favorite trail

CHATSWORTH (KABC) -- A hiker in Chatsworth took matters into his own hands when he saw trash piling up along the trail. David Weisberg has been hiking for years in Stoney Point Park, just off Topanga Canyon and the 118 Freeway in Chatsworth.

"Coming to Stoney point my whole life, it's just been a special place to me," said Weisberg.

Recently, he decided he wanted to do more than just exercise. He saw a problem: Piles upon piles of trash, left by former homeless encampments just off the trails.

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So Weisberg gloved up and started bagging up. He says he was initially inspired by a non-profit involved in a similar mission.

"One person stepping out of your comfort zone to be proactive and motivated to clean up litter or many other things you could do, that really inspired me," said Weisberg. "I can do that too, and then you have to motivate yourself, 'I'm gonna do it and not just talk about it.'"

He said it's about making a difference for future generations.

"Just being able to give it back to the community is always a great feeling and I'm not doing it for notoriety, I didn't ask to be on television or anything like that. Just trying to do my part and inspire others," said Weisberg. "I think that's my goal here... it's to inspire others to come out and help here or wherever they live, and say I'm going to come out and do this ."

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