South Pasadena restaurants band together to feed frontline workers

Healthcare providers and essential workers have received free meals during fight against COVID-19.

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Monday, May 18, 2020
South Pasadena restaurants band together.
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As workers protect us in the frontlines, South Pasadena small businesses are showing kindness through donated food.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As workers protect us on the front lines, South Pasadena small businesses are showing kindness through donated food.

South Pasadena Homegrown Exchange, a community group founded by Michelle Hammond, is partnering with local small businesses to deliver free meals to workers at grocery stores, hospitals and nursing homes.

"It's more the thought that they are being appreciated for the risks that they are putting themselves out there, and that they are being thought of," said Hammond.

She hopes the new initiative strengthens small businesses in the community by helping each other and those in need amid the COVID19 hardship.

"Everyone was saying this is such a great idea. I started receiving DMs for more purchases for me to deliver," Hammond told ABC7. "I felt like, well, this could be bigger, other restaurants could set this up," she explained.

Through the generosity of patrons, the fundraised meals are provided by area restaurants such as Tomato Pie Pizza Joint - one of many businesses pivoting to stay afloat during the pandemic crisis.

"We have such a great customer base that comes in and they are so appreciative of us being there, and we're appreciative of them," said Hunter Phelan, co-owner and general manager of Tomato Pie Pizza Joint. "All of our employees are very thankful to be working," Phelan added.

You can help support those in the battlefront with additional donations and deliveries by messaging South Pasadena Homegrown Exchange on Instagram and Facebook.