Laird Hamilton creates 'Fuel Up' cookbook to help others eat for performance

Surf star Laird Hamilton offers recipes of global cuisine that get people excited to eat whole foods, healthy carbs and good fats in his "Fuel Up" cookbook.

"It's about mood, sleep, all these ways food impacts us, and also the hardest thing to get right," said Gabrielle Reece.

The athlete, who is also married to surfer Laird Hamilton said she knows most of us eat mostly for taste, but in their family, they also think of food as fuel. And it's the very reason why Hamilton created "Fuel Up." A plant-based, whole food, sort of Paleo-style way of eating.

"I was eating this way before there was Paleo philosophy, more towards nature. But I also think being more flexible in your diet is probably one of the most critical things, and that's what I pride myself at being able to do. Eat almost anything," said Hamilton.

"It isn't about being perfect. Laird is really, really strict and so this book is a representation, but it's also considering people's reality. I don't even eat like Laird. The idea is how to make things easy, taste great, easy to make and realistic," Reece reminded.

They look at food in terms of sessions rather than meal times, with the thought that you eat when you are truly hungry and learn to go "within" to decide what you need to eat.

"The continued message of 'You are your own best doctor.' These are starting points, but it's like, hey, play around with it. We do eat animal protein, the highest quality," said Reece.

Although it's eaten as a complement to the meal, rather than the main part of of their plates.

Where the book gets fun is variety. Because Hamilton has surfed globally, he's got flavors, fun flavors, all the way from Argentina to Thailand.

Chimichurri pork burgers, Indonesian green chili bowl, even Kamala grilled salmon from Phuket. And let's not forget avocado mousse cake.

"I think I'm fortunate to be exposed to a lot of different types of cuisine. Growing up in Hawaii and all the different cultures that influence our food there -- and, of course, traveling the world," Hamilton said.
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