Spanish language Oscar-nominated short film "Madre" turned into a feature

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KABC) -- The Oscars may be over this year, but the life of the Spanish language film "Madre," nominated for an Oscar in the Best Short, live action category has been turned into a long-feature to debut later this year in the fall.

Vista L.A. sat down with the film's director, producer and lead actress to chat about this suspense-filled short that begins with a phone and ends leaving the audience wanting more.

"As a mother it was hard to play that role, but as an actress it was enjoyable. A mix," actress Marta Nieto said.

The narrative is about a six-year-old boy on vacation with his father in France, but suddenly finds himself stranded on a beach.

"You can imagine the panic of a mother. The panic in just 30 seconds, one minute. It was just one minute in real life, but when Rodrigo (film's director) wrote it he extended it to a much longer time," producer Eduardo Villanueva said.

Inspired by true events, every second of the 19-minute movie intensifies with panic and feelings of distress.

The feature film picks up ten years later and promises to be more even more of a thriller! Look out for "Madre" this fall.
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