Wait continues for octuplets' homecoming

LA HABRA, Calif. Another day, and the donations continue rolling in. Artificial grass is now being installed in the backyard, as the octuplets' grandparents arrive to unload toys.

Angela Suleman, Nadya's mother, says her daughter is ready for the challenge of raising eight newborns.

"Well, you know, she already has six and she knows, she knows what to do," said Angela Suleman.

Hospital inspectors say premium air quality is needed for the octuplets. And yet another donor steps up with the installation of a brand new heating and air-conditioning system.

"It's an older house of course, so, we're getting it cleaned," said Suleman's attorney Jeff Czech. "There's preemies coming home and so preemies need really, really, really clean air, so that's what we're trying to do."

As the octuplets' new home is being prepared, their mother Nadya Suleman is spending time at Kaiser Hospital with a team of advisors, going over all that needs to be done to care for the eight newborns. Volunteer nurses from /*Angels In Waiting*/ are standing by, as the octuplets' grandparents say they need time away.

"I think they want a needed break," said Czech. "They want they'd like to get away from all the hassles as well."

Suleman reports on a blog that Isaiah and Noah now weigh nearly 6 pounds each, and are ready to go home.

The question that has yet to be answered publicly: when will the first of the octuplets come home?

"When everything's done. How's that? Let's just say it's going to be soon," said Czech.

Those hospital inspectors have now given their stamp of approval on this house, though the attorney says they're still some things that need to be done, like the assembly of cribs, so that the little ones will have a place to be when they finally come home.



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