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Calif. Assembly passes 'Cuss Free Week'

February 26, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Watch your language! That was the message on Thursday from the California State Assembly, as they passed a resolution making the first week of March "Cuss Free Week." Lawmakers were inspired by a teenager from Pasadena.For some, it's just part of their daily repertoire, but two state assemblymen from Southern California decided to take cussing to the Capitol. They have introduced a new resolution to declare the first week of March "Cuss Free Week."

"I've always wondered why we can all behave calmly when grandma is watching, then differently when we're on our own," said Assemblyman Anthony Portantino of La Canada Flintridge.

McKay Hatch created a No Cussing Club two years ago at his middle school at the age of 14. He also started his own Web site, www.nocussing.com, that boasts over 35,000 online members in 50 states and 20 countries.

"I hope that by people taking this no cussing challenge for a week, they'll be able to do it for a month, and then a year," Hatch said. He was in Sacramento on Thursday to support the resolution.

Hatch says he sees a link between cussing, drug use and bullying. He thinks a cuss-free world would be a more harmonious world.

"I just remodeled my kitchen, so there'll be no reason to cuss," said Burbank resident Diane Deangelas with a laugh.

If the resolution passes in the Senate for the final vote, then the rule is to put money in a jar every time you curse, and the money will then go to charity.

Some lawmakers felt there were bigger problems on their plate.

"With the state broke, I don't know if this is what we should be spending our time on in here," said Assemblyman Chris Norby of Fullerton.

L.A. County has applauded Hatch's effort. Last year County Supervisor Michael Antonovich issued a proclamation making the first week of March a "no cussing" week in L.A. County. The teen's home town of South Pasadena also honors that week.

The no-cussing measure will not be enforced, and people will just have to choose to honor it. For some, going a week without cursing may be tough.

"I'll say I'll try, but it's not going to happen," said Zach Shube of Mission Viejo. "Maybe about 30 minutes, and then after that, it's just downhill from there."