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Colo. casino slot machine makes $42M mistake

March 29, 2010 12:00:00 AM PDT
A casino in Central City, Colo. made a $42 million jackpot mistake.The lights began flashing while Louise Chavez was playing the penny slot machines at Fortune Valley Casino, showing that she'd won the jackpot.

People around her told her she had won $42 million, but the attendant told her the machine had malfunctioned.

"I put money in there to win. Regardless if it was $42 million, $42,000, $4,000, I feel that whatever that machine said, I should get it," said Chavez.

"When there's something that's out of the ordinary, we know that there is a problem, we immediately call the division of gaming," said Joe Behm of Fortune Valley Casino.

Gaming authorities are looking into the incident.

The casino tried to make it up to Chavez by giving her a complimentary room, breakfast and refunding the $23 she'd put into the slot machine.