'Dancing With the Stars' top 3 neck-to-neck

LOS ANGELES "I've never been humbled, but I'm humbled to be in this finale," said Erin's partner /*Maksim Chmerkovskiy*/.

Maksim said the pair put their hearts and their souls into this competition, and after scoring 29 out of 30 for the Samba and then 26 for a risky freestyle with a routine that included a bed, they might as well be jumping up and down on it after tying for first place.

"I have driven him nuts all these weeks of just self-criticizing myself and being 'Debbie Downer' over here, and I just wanted to walk away and be like, 'Yes!' I'm so happy," Erin said.

They're tied for the top with Pussycat Doll star /*Nicole Scherzinger*/ and her partner /*Derek Hough*/. They Rumbaed their way to a 28. Then, they came back with triple nines for a freestyle number one judge called "dazzling."

Whether they win the trophy or not, they do feel victorious with their accomplishments over the past several weeks.

"I feel like we already won just to be enjoying this moment, and I'm so proud of every single dance that we did. We did the best," Nicole said.

Olympic figure skater /*Evan Lyscek*/ and his partner /*Anna Trebunskaya*/ wowed the crowd and the judges with their Viennese Waltz. But when they came back for the freestyle round, the judges gave them triple eights, which is the lowest scores of the night.

After the show, they said that they gave it 100 percent.

"What we went out there and did, we did with conviction. We wouldn't change a thing. We loved all the lifts. We loved all the side-by-side work and we liked our style," said Anna.

"The most important judges are the audience. It's in their hands now, so help us out," Evan pleaded.

Evan and Anna could change their ranking on the judges' leader board. Tuesday night, before new champions are named, all three couples will dance for more judges' scores to go with what they've already earned.

The finalists will perform their favorite dance, and they've all coincidentally chosen the Argentine Tango.

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