Coliseum lifts ban on raves

LOS ANGELES The executive director for the Coliseum could not be reached to explain why the ban on the highly controversial raves was lifted without notifying all members of the commission or public safety officials.

Rick Caruso, a member of the commission, said he had no clue that such a highly debated issue was going to be up for a vote. "It is a very disappointing decision. It is a bad decision," he said.

The vote was unanimous, but none of the opponents were present at the meeting. Caruso said he doesn't know the stand in member who was tasked with voting in his place. The agenda read only, "Electronic Dance Music Events Report."

"If there was a report, the fact that the management of the commission did not issue that report so that the public could review it - there is something very wrong in how that Coliseum is being managed," said Caruso.

The debate follows last summer's Electric Daisy Carnival, which drew an overflow crowd of young people, many of whom were underage and involved with illegal drugs.

Fifteen-year-old Sasha Rodriguez died after she unknowingly ingested ecstasy. Thursday her mother said the family had been glad for the ban.

"We remain concerned and agree with Commissioner Caruso that the moratorium should not be lifted until it has been fully evaluated and discussed by the entire commission," read a statement released by the family and their attorney.

The commission has stated recently that with new safety measures, including checking I.D.'s and having the crowds monitored by nurses, conditions have greatly improved.

Caruso wants another hearing and another vote. "I asked Pay Lynch to put it back on the agenda and he said he would do that."

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