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'Dancing' couples face 2nd round of judging

March 28, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
The 11 couples on "Dancing With The Stars" have the first week of competition under their dance belts. Now, they're hoping to take what they've learned to "bring it" on a second round of judging.

Ralph Macchio made his way to the top position after the first week with the Foxtrot. He hopes to bring along the same good feelings for this week's Jive.

"I will take the choreography, the performance, everything we can put into it as far as I can and then just put it out there and have fun with the crowd," said Macchio.

Kirstie Alley dazzled the crowd and the judges and hopes to do it again with this week's Quick Step.

"I think that I tried my best to enjoy it and not pretend like we were dancing for millions of people, but you have a little bit of a thing set in. So next week, I'm going to pump for all its worth," Alley said after last week's performance.

Whether it's the Quick Step or the Jive, all the stars have an idea of what to expect on competition night. Sugar Ray Leonard said the only thing he's having a hard time with is posture.

"I tried to do the best I could with the exception of my posture, which we knew from the start was a major obstacle. Thirty years of this (referencing his boxing stance), it's hard to change around in three weeks," he said.

Mike Catherwood, also known as Psycho Mike, said having the lowest scores last week gives him extra motivation to "show off what I can do in a totally separate dance."

When it comes to the dances, the stars need to learn their steps, but there's another part of the performance that several members of the cast will fight out on another front - the smile wars.

Chris Jericho says he's just doing what his partner, Cheryl Burke, told him to do.

"Cheryl kept saying smile, smile, smile," said Jericho. "But I wasn't smiling because I was told to smile. I was smiling because I felt it. I was having so much fun."

Catherwood said his mother told him to smile when all else fails, and apparently, Ward and Jericho were told the same thing.

"There's a good possibility that she did contact both gentlemen and let them know to smile as well," he said. "And both gentlemen have beautiful smiles, so hey, let's not fault them."

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba thinks Romeo has plenty of charisma - and a whole lot more.

"Romeo, you have sex appeal for days," she told the singer on last week's premiere.

The judges' scores and viewer votes from last week will be factored in to this week.

"Dancing With The Stars" begins at 8 p.m. on ABC7. The first elimination round will be on Tuesday night.