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Mother-daughter workouts may be good for both

May 4, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
There are loads of things we need our mother for, but fitness doesn't usually come to mind. But perhaps it should.

"I started working out with mom probably in sixth grade and have been doing that ever since," said Chelsea Napuri of Pasadena.

Napuri and her mom Ruth work out about five times weekly, taking classes and hiking.

"It keeps me from backing out especially after having Isabella," said Napuri. "Just wanted to get right back into shape, so I could keep up with her, and having my mom to do it with me is fantastic."

Fitness expert Angela Parker of Body Inspired Fitness is so passionate about a mom-daughter workout, she created a program just for them.

"We have to feel strong and show ourselves that we're strong to go and make those healthier choices," said Parker. "Working out is a great way to go from the outside in to get to those deeper issues."

Remember moms are normal people too, complete with food and body issues. So working out like this opens up those hot topics to help keep history from repeating itself.

"They still have self image issues and things that come up about their bodies, but it gives them a chance to look at, 'What are the messages that I'm sending my daughter?' It gives the daughter a chance to ask questions," said Parker.

Parker teaches on the bluffs in Santa Monica, but also offers a $60, once a week, 90-day program to download that comes with workouts, nutrition tips and connection questions for bonding and building self esteem.

Some of those questions include: What are you afraid of? What frightens you? Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Along with the sweating and soul searching, it's just plain fun for mom and daughter alike.

"Sometimes there's more fun exercises that I like to do and she wouldn't want to do, but I force her to do it," said 9-year-old Kyra Pacific of Redondo Beach.

"She call and say, 'Mom come on out.' I'll go. And she comes and meets me and does yoga with me at the YMCA so we are still doing things together and it's great fun," said mother Elizabeth Jones.