'Contagion' proves to be film worth catching


It's part mystery, part thriller and part beware-of-what-you-touch-from-now-on.

/*Jennifer Ehle*/ and /*Laurence Fishburne*/ are out to stop the panic and stop the virus that's suddenly killing people all around the world.

/*Kate Winslet*/ is also on board to solve the mystery - if the virus doesn't get her first.

"Contagion" is directed by /*Steven Soderbergh*/. The all-star cast includes /*Jude Law*/, /*Bryan Cranston*/, /*Marion Cotillard*/ and /*Matt Damon*/ as the husband of /*Gwyneth Paltrow*/, who plays the first victim.

"Contagion" begins on the second day of the disaster, so initially, I thought the theater rolled the wrong reel first because there are no opening credits.

But it started as it should, and the mysteries play out until the end when you actually see what happened on day one, and I like that.

The film leaves some things unresolved, and that's OK.

But Elliot Gould's character, someone who seems pretty important, just disappears. Was he cut for time? I wanted to know whether his character lived or died.

The bulk of the story is centered around Damon's character, a man immune to the virus fighting to keep his only daughter healthy.

I think you'll find yourself thinking about everything you touch once it's over. It's fascinating to see it played out.

So while you may still enjoy your popcorn while you're watching, you may be less inclined to share it.

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