Emilio Estevez hires father Martin Sheen in 'The Way'


Estevez wrote, produced, directed, and took a role in it. But for the starring role he didn't have to look very far- he hired his dad Martin Sheen.

In the action drama, a father travels to Europe for a sad occasion. He's there to recover the ashes of his son who died traveling the historic El Camino de Santiago. But instead of returning home, the father decides to continue the journey his son did not complete.

Not that long ago they watched a different kind of journey play out- /*Charlie Sheen*/'s very public meltdown.

"A family is about a group of people who care and love for each other no matter what, everyone is included, no one's left out," said Martin Sheen.

"It's truly unconditional," said Estevez. "We don't leave anybody behind on the beach in this family."

"The Way" is family-friendly, something that makes this father and son very proud.

"This movie celebrates community and faith and family and it celebrates the very best of our humanity," said Estevez. "It's a film without CGI, without overt sexuality or language, there's no vulgarity. It's a movie you can take your parents to."

But Martin Sheen did have concerns about working for his son.

"I had a bit of anxiety about living up to his expectations, but I was ruled by him and happily so," he said. "I couldn't be happier about this movie. And I know he doesn't want to hear this, but if this is the last one I do I'm perfectly satisfied."

"The Way" is rated PG-13.

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