Amanda Seyfried says 'In Time' grabs you from the start


"It hits the ground running really, really quickly and I think that's important for any movie. For any action movie, it's got to start right away," said Seyfried.

In "In Time," time is the equivalent to money. Once you hit 25, you stop aging but if you want to keep living, you have to work to buy time.

It's not an issue for the wealthy, but if you're time poor, you're dead.

Seyfried stars alongside pop star and actor Justin Timberlake, who plays a man on a mission, willing to do what he must to change a corrupt system.

"I just saw my character as an everyday man who just gets pushed too far, and I think those are some of my favorite action movies is when you have sort of an ordinary person who gets thrown into kind of extraordinary circumstances," said Timerblake.

"Mad Men" actor Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Seyfried's father, says the film is not just a "shoot-em-up" kind of movie.

"Although we definitely have some great stunt scenes and some long days on set where we were getting it just right, there's meaning behind it," said Kartheiser.

The movie also features Matt Bomer of "White Collar." He plays a very wealthy but very old man who sets this whole story in motion.

"It's like that character at the beginning of a Dickens novel who sets the protagonist in motion and keeps harkening back to that person. It's rare that you find a part with not as much screen time but somebody who resonates throughout the rest of the film. So I got really lucky that way," said Bomer.

"In Time" is rated PG13.

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