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'Romeo Burglar' in FL hits homes of women he dates

Florida police are looking for a thief they call the 'Romeo Burglar,' who burglarizes the homes of women he dates.

March 8, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
A search is under way in Florida for a man law enforcement officials have dubbed the "Romeo Burglar."

The suspect took a young woman on a date while his friend broke into her Coral Springs home, and her security camera caught the entire thing.

Police say the footage shows a man, who calls himself Florenciano Valentino, scoping out her house while she waited for him for their date at a nearby Applebee's restaurant.

After he left, his friend returned to the woman's home, broke a window, drove his car into the garage and stole $5,000 in electronics including an iPad, a laptop computer and a big screen TV.

Valentino and his thieving partner kept in contact throughout the meal. He used his date's iPhone to make the calls, according to police reports.

When his partner said he was finished burglarizing the home, Valentino asked to use the victim's phone one last time. Police say he then pocketed the phone, exited the restaurant and left the victim to pay the bill.

Officials said they tracked down the number Valentino was calling to a prepaid cellphone registered under the name "Thomas L."

Authorities say they believe Valentino goes around picking up females to plan burglaries.

Police say not only is this elaborate setup rare, it was so well executed that they believe this "Romeo Burglar" has probably tried it before.

They are looking for other victims and warning young ladies in the area.

ABC News contributed to this report.