West Point to hold 1st same-sex marriage ceremony on campus; CA waits on high court decision to hear Prop 8


West Point will host the marriage of Sue Fulton and her female partner Saturday. Fulton is a board member for a group called Knights Out, a group of West Point grads who advocate for gay rights.

The New Jersey native told the USA Today "it is wonderful for us to celebrate the recognition that New York state will give our marriage. But there is also some regret we can't get married in our home state."

Wayne Beauregard of Burbank didn't seem to be in agreement with the upcoming ceremony.

"It wouldn't be something I would do. It wouldn't be something I would support and it wouldn't be something that I would want to have my money supporting," he said.

Meantime, the U.S. Supreme Court could soon have the final say about same sex marriage in California. On Monday, they could announce whether they'll hear the case about Proposition 8.

If they decide not to hear it, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' decision to overturn the same sex marriage ban would stand, meaning there could soon be a wedding blitz in the state. But if they do decide to hear it, the ruling wouldn't come for months.

It's also possible that decision could legalize same sex marriage for the entire country. But Proposition 8 advocate Randy Thomasson told Eyewitness News by phone that he doesn't think that will happen.

"Marriage is not a matter of opinion, or votes, or polls, or mere feelings," he said. "Marriage always needs one man and one woman. That's a physiological truth, and it's self-evident. The people of California understand that," he said.

But some local people disagree.

"I think eventually it will happen. The fight has been going on for so long now that I think it's inevitable," said Sharon Goalder of Sylmar.

Some liberal advocates wonder if this is the best time to take the issue to the current traditionally conservative Supreme Court. But as America saw with Chief Justice Robert's ruling on President Obama's /*Affordable Care Act*/, sometimes the justices can take the country by surprise.

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