'Katie' takes over Hollywood, Jimmy Kimmel set


"It's fun to mix it up and get out of the city and try something new, and be in a new environment," she said. "I think it just really gets your creative juices flowing, and just to have a different venue, change of pace, it's great."

Since Katie is utilizing Jimmy's set, she wanted to give it her own personal touch.

"We are feminizing Jimmy Kimmel's set. It is not your grandfather's talk show set," she said. "We're going to Katie-ize it and add some feminine touches, so he may not recognize the joint when he comes on the show. It's going to be his studio but it's going to have a very different feel."

Since she is in Hollywood, Katie has invited a wide variety of celebrities to stop by for a chat; stars ranging from Maya Rudolph to Snoop Lion to Jimmy Kimmel himself.

"The whole point is we really just want to have a good time and want the audience to have fun as well. So we've got some things up our sleeve," she said. "I don't want give too much away, George, but I think people are going to have a great time."

Katie's Hollywood shows will tape all through the weekend, and you'll see them beginning Monday, May 6.

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