Kristen Bell calls working on 'Frozen' a 'bucket list' moment


Bell said playing little sister Anna in the film was a professional dream come true.

"I would watch 'Little Mermaid' and 'Aladdin' on a loop," she said.

Bell called her character a "sharp right turn" from a traditional Disney heroine - and one she could entirely relate to.

"When I was little, I was clumsy and I talked too fast and too much and I was weird. I wasn't ashamed of these qualities but I didn't necessarily have someone to look up to in a Disney animate movie," Bell said. "A lot of the girls had good posture. They were more put together than I felt. So I wanted her to be kind of dance to the beat of her own drum, which I think she does."

Broadway star Menzel plays Bell's older sister in "Frozen."

In the animated world, the stars don't always get to work together. But these big screen sisters did get to share some time in the recording studio.

"We had a day when we had to sing together, another day where we did a lot of dialogue and improvising with each other," said Menzel, adding that they even sang a version of "Wind Beneath My Wings" in their sister roles.

Bell said she's been following Menzel's career and is a big fan.

"I have watched every move Idina has made in her whole career. I am such a fan she has one of the most spectacular gifts on the planet and singing with her I was revved up and I was nervous," Bell said. "But she's, in real life, so demure and soft spoken and sweet that she instantly made me feel comfortable, and I was so grateful for that," Bell said.

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