New fitness apps feature workouts from stunt women,social media influencers

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
New fitness apps feature workouts from stunt women,social media influencers
New fitness apps are upping the ante by featuring different workouts provided by stunt women and social media influencers.

All of us need a leg up on fitness from time to time, and some app creators have taken extra steps to up your fitness ante. Like Openfit's 'Rough Around the Edges' program.

"All of the trainers on Rough Around the Edges are stuntwomen. So we do all the hard intense scenes like action fight choreography jumping out of buildings, being lit on fire, crashing into walls," said trainer Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez.

"We're martial artists, we're's a different level of expertise," said Thekla Hutyrova, a Rough Around the Edges trainer.

Along with working out with stunt doubles, there are options for yoga, barre, even a 30 minute home obstacle course.

Learning to punch, fall or jump like an action star creates attention. And these experts know how to handle those who have limitations.

"I have a knee injury. I'm bone to bone and I have seven screws in my shoulder so we have workouts for everybody," said Corinne Van Ryck Degroot, of Rough Around the Edges.

Another hot pick is Plankk Studio, which offers workouts with social media stars, who each offer their own take on working out. Sure they look good, but they've got credentials, too.

Like James Ellis, who has 50 fitness magazine covers to his credit. They attribute this from the hard work they've done.

"I've been working out for 18 years now," said Ellis of the Plankk Studio app.

"It's hard to connect with an audience they have to feel you are there for them," said Ingrid Romero of Plankk Studio app.

Romero got international acclaim as body building champion. And she's inspired a lot of moms as the mother of young twins.

"You're struggling with them and you're feeling those reps and sets. Not faking it. I want people to know it's real and I'm struggling with them but it will get better," Romero said.

The classes are live and they're also on demand. They'll average about $10 to $15 a month depending on what program you choose

Openfit offers a free month trial then $99 for the year. The Rough Around the Edges program launches April 22.