Latino craft brewery joins L.A.'s growing beer-scape

BELL, Calif. (KABC) -- There's a revolution brewing in Los Angeles. Craft beer is soaring in popularity and breweries are sprouting throughout the city. Now on tap is Border X Brewing--infusing the L.A. beer-scape with their own Latino flavor.

"What we're trying to do through our beer, through our music, and through the artists that we partner with, is really understand this expression of the Latino identity in contemporary times," said David Favela, founder and CEO of Border X Brewing.

"It was really just an idea for family to come together and do something that we all loved, which was making beer," said Favela. "What we found is when we made beer with our culture, with our roots and we put it into our beer, we didn't just love it. Everybody loved it."

Border X Brewing draws its name from its original location by the U.S.-Mexico border. The brewery then moved to Barrio Logan-one of the longest standing Latino neighborhoods in San Diego and home to Chicano Park, a National Historic Landmark. Their new L.A. satellite opened in the City of Bell, a thriving Latino suburb in Southeast Los Angeles. And while, for some in the area, craft beer might still be a novel concept, Border X has a winning formula.

"When you combine craft beer with our culture, you make it more approachable. We give our customers an opportunity to connect with craft beer."

Many of the beers are infused with ingredients familiar in kitchens across Latin America. The house favorite, Blood Saison, is inspired by agua de jamaica. It's made with hibiscus flowers and agave. The Horchata Golden Stout, a gold medal winner at the L.A. International Beer Festival, is brewed with vanilla and canela.

The brewery also celebrates Latino Culture through art and music.

"We love to invite that into our tasting room because, just like our beer is a combination of our culture, so is the artwork that we have," said Favela. "In addition to that, we make it a point to play music that is also in that assimilation or integration process. There are many great bands in East L.A. that we've brought here."

Border X has quickly become a popular social hub for locals.

"Our customers say that they feel very comfortable, that this place was designed for them in mind. And, in fact, it is. We're digging into our culture and sharing it with everybody. But those who have a similar background enjoy it even more."

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