More than 150 children will be adopted in LA County on National Adoption Day

More than 150 foster children will be adopted in a virtual ceremony by the Superior Court of Los Angeles County this Saturday.

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Friday, November 19, 2021
More than 150 children will be adopted in LA County on Saturday
More than 150 foster care children will be adopted on Saturday in a virtual ceremony.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KABC) -- Susan Castruita and Joshua Castruita met at a bowling alley in 2018 at event through the program, Kidsave, which focuses on foster kids getting adopted.

Susan Castruita said they started talking because she knew how to keep score of the game.

"He just started talking to me because he wanted to win and he wanted to know what his score was and so we started talking and then at the very end he comes back up to me and says, 'Oh my god I picked you,'" said Susan Castruita.

In June of 2019, Joshua Castruita moved into Susan Castruita's house and she was his foster parent for two years.

She adopted him in September.

"It's very hard for many kids to find families especially from anywhere nine and upwards because I personally feel like a lot of people that do adopt, go for little kids because they want to raise them," said Joshua Castruita.

Their success story is just one of millions about children who get adopted from a foster program.

On Saturday, judicial officers from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County along with attorneys from the Alliance for Children's Rights and Public Counsel, will join with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Families for a virtual adoption event.

The event is normally in-person but it is virtual this year because of the pandemic.

"Normally we would have all of the families, friends, extended loved ones, here in the court house in Monterey Park with their attorneys and the bench officers here finalizing those adoptions," said Akemi Arakaki, presiding judge at juvenile court in Los Angeles County.

"Some of us take for granted of having a parental figures and having somebody who's always on your side through the good times and the bad times," said Kym Renner, deputy director at Los Angeles County Department of Children Family Services.

More than 150 children will be adopted in the virtual ceremony on Saturday, Nov. 20. You can watch at 8:15 a.m. here.

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