Tiny wearable app is designed to correct posture and back health through vibration technique

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- Dave Dinsmore hasn't lost weight or had cosmetic procedures, but he has added something that affects his appearance and health.

"I notice people saying that,'You look thinner, taller,'" he said. "I'm a big technology guy. I love that things, these devices we're carrying around, can monitor our heart rates our steps and now our posture."

The posture app is something Dinsmore bought for his upcoming 50th big birthday, a big one, that made him focus on making his health more of a priority.

"The core and balance as I've seen in my parents is the key to maintaining yourself as you get older," said Dinsmore.

Here's how it works: The Lumo Lift device gives off a tiny vibration buzz when you're out of alignment; something extremely common in our texting, driving, sedentary society.

Picture this: Your core is sagging, your upper back is slumped and your neck is jutting forward.

You're a human cashew, and the doctor says this is one nut you're going to want to crack.

"Good posture is something that allows for optimal functioning of your muscles, ligaments, your joints," said Orthopedist Dr. Jonathan Oheb.

Sounds pretty basic, but if you aren't in alignment, Oheb says you could develop a host of issues.

"The total amount of force on specific areas of the joint are increased leading to arthritis and other problems. Disc herniations, you can get spondylosis which is a break down in multiple areas throughout the spine that can cause compression within nerves," said Dr. Oheb.

And yet this can be avoided.

"Keep your head between the shoulders, your shoulders above your hips and your hips above your ankles," said Dr. Oheb.

Feet shoulder width apart with a slight bend in your knees and a slight arch in your back.

Sounds so easy, yet it's even easier to forget and form bad habits.

This particular app, which is $80, also gives you tips to improve, "real time" feedback on progress and counts distance, calories and steps.
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