Strength training experts offer insight on what is needed for women to get strong

Saturday, November 12, 2016
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Beyond putting time in at the gym, experts reveal the proper nutrition and mind work needed to create a strong body.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It might surprise you but Hollis Liebman spends little time at the gym.

"I do four hours a week here, that's it. But it's very intense," Leibman said.

Author of "From Slight to Might," trainer Liebman said success has more to do with brain than body.

"As humans we want to avoid pain and embrace pleasure. If you're giving your all to each set, you can get away with less sets and get out and go live," he said.

Five-time body building champ Ingrid Romero agrees.

"It's not just about getting it done. It's about feeling what you're doing and feeling that muscle grow," Romero said.

But lifting heavy weight doesn't translate to getting bulky in women and lean tissue burns calories at a higher rate.

"Ladies don't be afraid of weights. You're not going to look like me. It's going to enhance your bone density, your posture and you're going to enhance your God-given shape," Leibman said.

At least three days a week Romero suggests three to four sets of each exercise with fifteen repetitions.

If you do cardio, save it for after training as you need glycogen in muscles for your strength training first.

Along with the workout, what you eat is equally as important. No surprise great protein such as chicken, eggs and fish work. But also carbohydrates - not the white processed kind - but instead beans, legumes and produce.

"Food that is on the Earth the way God put it there is good - always," Liebman said.

"I think carbs are super essential and important for anybody. First of all, it gives you energy. Carbs make you happy," Romero said.

And with strength training you can eat more.

"Your nutrition goes according to your training day. Right after a workout, we take a protein shake so it absorbs right away. Within an hour we have a good meal. We eat a lot. We're not afraid of eating," Romero said.

Romero reminds us being strong is empowering.

"You're just going to become a better person. A better mother, a better wife, a better everything in life," she said.