Trampoline exercises can provide an extra boost to your health

At ATP Training's facility in Pasadena, fitness professional Tracey Mallett is teaching her Booty Barre class, a barre workout that is designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles. But she has added something new.

Mallett says jumping on trampolines can offer several health benefits.

"Bringing Booty Barre to the trampoline was kind of like the next progression really," Mallett said. "It's low impact, and I think as we age all of us need some kind of cardio components but without the impact."

Booty Barre is now Booty Barre Bounce.

Along with fun there are sound physiological reasons to put a bounce in your step.

"Pelvic floor is extremely important, definitely as we progress with age," Mallett said.

Keeping the pelvic floor strong is integral for bladder control, which weakens as we get older.

"Your transverse is working so hard on the trampoline to balance, so the whole class is all about your transverse, your pelvic floor co-contracting," Mallet said. "That alone was the biggest selling point for me."

Along with working your transverse muscles and your pelvic floor, you're also increasing circulation for the lymphatic system.

"We need to to flush out our lymphatic system, and it naturally does this on the trampoline. All the research points to that," Mallett said.

"It's a blast," Jennifer Mercer said. "You should definitely try to do it once a week at least."

She's right. Gravity and physical exercise are two things that help your lymphatic system and add to that, it's good for bone strength, too. So why not have fun doing it?

You can get your own mini-trampoline or take a class like this one and get a jump on fitness.
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