San Bernardino hit-and-run suspect pins 2 men against wall


The incident happened Thursday near the intersection of Richardson Street and Victoria Avenue.

Police said it appears to have started with the suspect inappropriately touching a woman inside Todds, a local convenience store.

The woman's brother and cousin then went outside to confront the suspect.

That's when investigators said the suspect drove a white four-door SUV toward the two men, knocking over a metal barrier pole and pinning the two men against a brick wall. The suspect took off in his vehicle.

The men suffered leg and abdomen injuries and were transported to an area hospital.

Surveillance cameras captured images that could help authorities identify the suspect, who was described as a Hispanic man in his 20s or 30s with a shaved head. Cameras also snapped photos of the suspect's car, which officials believe could be a Chevy Tahoe with front-end damage.

Patrons of the store saw the commotion shortly after the suspect took off.

"You know, never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine something like that ever happening, but you never know. He would have to have been extremely motivated," said witness Eric Hawkins.

That's what has police so worried. That kind of determination to hurt someone is a danger to everybody.

The incident remained under investigation. Anyone with information was asked to call /*San Bernardino*/ police at (909) 384-5742.

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