South LA high school closing due to low enrollment


The current students at Technology, Arts, and Design High School took a break from school Thursday to protest the closure. They received letters on Wednesday saying the school will be closing June 7.

"It was a depressed moment for me, and I was really mad and angry," said student Chemize Love.

Los Angeles Unified School District officials declined an on-camera interview, but a spokesperson said the school has lost about 60 students since it opened, and due to low enrollment, they have no choice but to shut it down. The district also said it is working closely with families and students to relocate them to neighboring Fremont High School.

Some students said they want to stay at the school because everyone already knows each other. Besides the loyalty to their home school, some also said they want to stay for the quality of the school's teachers.

"It really has teachers that really care, and the teachers really try for the kids. They want us to really try and graduate high school. They don't want us to be on the street," said Love.

The school had 300 students when it opened last August with the mission of project-based teaching that advocates social justice through media arts. But because of dwindling numbers the school could not survive.

"A bunch of people in here do their work and they get good grades and stuff. It's not fair for us just to get kicked out of this school because some people didn't come or we don't have enough students," said student Gildardo Garcia.

LAUSD officials said they will be holding meetings to make sure everyone has their questions answered and to ensure an easy transition.

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