Manhattan Beach chef whips up carrots 13 different ways for 'Carrotology'

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Most eat carrots in a salad or with dip, but there are so many flavorful dips, sauces and meals you can make with them. (KABC)

Long hours in a Paris kitchen helped chef Diana Stavaridis create the Manhattan House menu where you'll find 'Carrotology.'

"I came inspired to figure out how many particular ways I could prepare one particular vegetable," said Stavaridis.

In this case, it's carrots 12 ways on one plate.

"Carrots pretty much grow year-round within a few hours of here, so it's a great seasonal produce that we can get access," said Stavaridis.

Most like carrots as a snack with a bit of dip, but there is much more you can do.

"So, this is our carrot hummus garbanzo beans and we have pickled carrot and ginger juice as well," she said.

Carrot caramel made of carrots, honey and brown sugar designs the plate. Grains are at the top of the dish with gluten-free and dairy free goodness.

You can also make roasted carrot puree, turmeric and pickled ginger juice, a handful of roasted carrot varieties and pickled carrot ribbons.

Time consuming? Yes, but it is also inspiration for us to think outside the box at home.

Find different types of carrots that you can cook and slowly roast and play with your own methods.

"I would say the carrots hummus is something you could very easily make at home," she exclaimed.

Carrots are one of the first vegetables we give our kids because of the sweet, crunchy texture. There's about 25 calories for a medium-sized carrot, almost 2 grams of fiber and loads of vitamins and minerals.

Finally, using the carrot tops for a salsa verde means there is no waste at all. Tops can also be juiced for soups or stocks as well.
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