On The Menu: Aunt Yvette's Kitchen brings the flavors of Ethiopia to Eagle Rock

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Sunday, February 4, 2024
Aunt Yvette's Kitchen brings the flavors of Ethiopia to Eagle Rock
Aunt Yvette's Kitchen, which brings the flavors of Ethiopia to Eagle Rock, is a passion project for owners Yvette and Russell Platoff,

EAGLE ROCK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The artwork, the ambiance - it's the feeling of dining in a family's member's home! That's what Aunt Yvette's Kitchen is all about.

The restaurant is bringing the flavors of Ethiopia to Eagle Rock. It's a passion project for owners Yvette and Russell Platoff, who met more than two decades ago.

"I knew that she was my wife immediately... I knew that if I could just cook her a meal that was going to be it," Russell said.

Since getting married, the couple has been cooking thousands of Ethiopian dishes together.

It's a cuisine very important them.

"The moment I ate it I just felt like, a purpose. Something happened there. You'll try food and something talks to you, just speaks to you. It's in your spirit," said Yvette.

Stew is a staple in the East African country, and their beef awaze is one of their best sellers and is simply a must-try. It includes tender brisket, jalapeño and onion.

Other hot items on the menu include the whole crispy trout. The Kitfo is an Ethiopian beef tartare served with ricotta cheese. A vibrant vegetable combo makes for a great shareable appetizer. Last, but not least, is the lamb stew, which is a delight.

For dessert, treat your taste buds to a banana split made with caramelized bananas, house spun banana ice cream and chocolate sauce.

True to Ethiopian tradition, before each meal a server will come by with rose water and ask to cleanse your hands. That's because in this culture, you don't eat with utensils.

Aunt Yvette's opened last fall and has quickly become a Southern Californian dining destination.

"We created this thing out of just guts," said Russell. "When the house is full, when you have a little bit of a waiting list and people are excited, it's just, it's kind of a mind-blower."

"We're basically trying to give people as much love and respect in food as we possibly can, because that's what we want," Yvette added.

Guests are encouraged to make a reservation through the Resy app.

Aunt Yvette's Kitchen is located at 1743 Colorado Blvd and is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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