Roots Indian Bistro brings authentic flavors of India to Fairfax District

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Friday, December 22, 2023
Father and son duo brings authentic Indian flavors to Fairfax District
Looking for bold, authentic flavors of India? Head down to the Fairfax District where you will find Roots Indian Bistro, a restaurant where a father and son deliver just that and more!

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Looking for bold, authentic flavors of India? Head down to the Fairfax District on Melrose where you will find Roots Indian Bistro. In this restaurant, father and son, Paramjit and Anmoldeep Khinda, deliver that and more with their diverse Indian menu!

Roots Indian Bistro is rooted in tradition. They offer a wide variety of dishes and have all the classics on the menu such as delicious Butter Chicken in a tomato curry saffron sauce, the Spice Lamb and the grilled chicken skewers, which are a favorite of many customers.

Most dishes are served with rice and Naan, an oven-baked flat bread.

The recipes are influenced by the city they call home, with dishes designed to pay homage to life in Los Angeles like the delicious Paneer Masala Fries served with chunks of Paneer, a cheese common in Indian cuisine, in a delicious sauce topped with onions, tomatoes, mozzarella and cilantro.

"I would say it's more than an Indian restaurant. It definitely serves as a cultural bridge between the Western culture that I grew up around and his unique perspective of growing up in Punjab and then migrating over to the states," said Anmoldeep.

The chalupa is a must try! It has chickpeas, cheese and veggies wrapped in a fried dough.

Paramjit Khinda is the owner and head chef of Roots Indian Bistro.

After leaving India, he worked in an Italian restaurant in Europe. He decided to incorporate some of those dishes in his restaurant, hence the number of pasta on the menu. In 1994, he moved to L.A. and kept his family's recipes close.

Almost 30 years later, he welcomed a new baby, this restaurant, which he calls Roots Indian Bistro.

"Every day, 7 days a week, start from morning to closing the restaurant. It's like my babies," he said.

The only thing he enjoys as much as cooking is talking to the customers, the regulars and the ones coming in for the first time to try Indian cuisine.

"Sometimes we talk to the people and they say, 'Oh I forgot the food. I love your talking. I forgot the taste for the food.' So each guest is like my family'."

For dessert, try a rose donut! It's like a donut hole, fried and coated in coconut and rose water.

To drink, customers can choose from beer, wine and several alcohol-free beverages.

"Be a good a person, serve good food and people will come," said Anmoldeep.

Roots Indian Bistro is located at 7265 Melrose Ave in L.A. and is open seven days a week.

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