Lazy life hacks to getting fit instead of working out or dieting

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Friday, February 11, 2022
A lazy guide to getting fit
From a non-invasive body treatment that targets problem areas and has no downtime, a cleanse that de-bloats, and a minimal workout that will tone you up.

NEW YORK CITY -- I thought because I was a college athlete I enjoyed exercise. Turns out, I hate working out and only will do it when I'm forced to.

That being said, between a global pandemic with work from home orders limiting activity and entering my thirties, I noticed a major change in my body over the last two years.

It wasn't so much about gaining weight as it was how I felt. Every day I was waking up feeling bloated, fatigued, and unhappy with my body.

It was time for some change but I feared that burnout when you try to jump back into working out all the time or completely switching up your diet

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I realized I wanted to enjoy the process - not just get back in shape.

So, I started doing some research. Since I had seen results from body contour treatments such as Emsculpt, I figured kicking off this new lifestyle change with some visible results would be a big motivator.

New to the market, Physiq not only stimulates muscles but targets problem areas with a laser.

Once I got the ball rolling with seeing some actual change, it was time to make an impact from the inside.

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My kryptonite is red wine and Taco Bell so it was safe to say I needed to cleanse, detox, and reset my body.

I've tried quite a few popular cleanses from juice to tea and while they may yield instant results, they're not just sustainable.

That's when I found the Dr. Kellyann Petrucci cleanse and reset. Based on bone broth and collagen, her system is all about healing your gut by flushing out toxins and introducing the nutrients your body needs to thrive. Plus, the packaging makes it so easy to stick to!

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Finally, it was time to get my body moving again.

A few years ago, I had started working out with lifestyle fitness coach, Justin Gelband. I was amazed that only seeing him a few times a week was transforming my body.

I could see long, lean muscle tone all without exerting myself on a treadmill or elliptical.

Since I couldn't work out with him in person much anymore, I found the next best thing to use at home: P.volve.

Check out this latest episode of Glam Lab complete with before and after photo-proof to learn why it worked for me!

Remember, everyone is different but I think this will help give you a great starting point!

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