Trainers look to mix of fitness modalities to create hybrid workouts for better results

Thursday, March 9, 2017
Trainers look to hybrid workouts for better results
Yoga with weight training and cardio components is a prime example of mixing up fitness programs to give the exerciser the stretch, strength and cardiovascular fitness many need.

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- There is no one perfect workout for everyone. Trainer Gunnar Peterson said mixing it up is one of the best things you can do, as it helps hold your attention and provides greater satisfaction.

"The hybrid: it's the mixing of the two or more disciplines of training. If they can make the most out of their designated training time - they're going to go back to that," Peterson said.

Plate Fit goes with the same principle. Combining the vibration sensation Power Plate with a host of class choices so intense the workout is only 30 minutes.

"It feels better for your bones, better for your muscles, activating your muscles much more intensely," Plate Fit instructor Ilia Anais said.

They combine the Power Plate with boot camp, dance, ballet, kick boxing, sport and yoga.

If you've ever done yoga, you're using your own body weight for poses, but when you add weight - it really just ups the ante on your strength.

"It's an added benefit to build the strength that you need for Vinyasa practice. You're able to build into more of your obliques. You're able to build into more of your quads," yoga sculpt instructor Stephanie Findon said.

Core Power Yoga's Findon said their yoga sculpt class adds strength and also cardio components as well.

"It's fun, No. 1, and it gets your heart rate going. More strength, more power and healthy hearts," Findon said.