LAPD officer shot by Long Beach Police

LONG BEACH, Calif. Long Beach police officers say they received a number of calls just after midnight Tuesday, about a man walking down the street waving around a shotgun. Authorities say it was only after that man had been shot that they learned he was off-duty Los Angeles police officer Jason Geggie.

"The officers were able to catch up with the suspect in the 200 block of Miramar. And when the officers made contact, the suspect ran from them. They were able to catch up with the suspect. And when he did not comply with orders to put down the shotgun, an officer-involved shooting occurred," said Commander Laura Farinella, Long Beach Police Department.

Long Beach officers shot Geggie shot twice in his upper body. He was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition.

Witnesses say it was a scary to watch the man being chased by authorities.

"Last night I saw police running down the street," said witness Chris Rogers. "They were very agitated as to what they were getting to ... running with the flashlights and stuff."

"We heard the helicopter. And we also heard the gunshots. And then we heard a siren coming. So, we were wondering what happened, but we didn't come out to see because we didn't want to get involved," said Lucia Griffith, a Long Beach resident.

Long Beach Police are investigating why the off-duty police officer would be walking around with a shotgun. They say their officers had good reason to fire their weapons.

"He was walking down the street with a shotgun, brandishing it in a threatening manner, pointing it at cars and residents. And, obviously, the officers were worried about the safety of themselves and the citizens of that neighborhood," said Commander Farinella.

Authorities say Geggie lives in Long Beach and has been with LAPD for about a year and half. Los Angeles Police say, for now, he is still employed with their department.

"He doesn't belong on the force. He better be completely off duty. How about off the force?" said Lucia Griffith.

Geggie has been charged with one felony count and one misdemeanor count of exhibiting a firearm. The Long Beach Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, and the District Attorney's office are all investigating the incident.

Long Beach Police are looking for other witnesses in this case. If you have any information, you should call the Long Beach Police Department at (562) 570-7244.


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