At least 10 injured in school bus crash

PALMDALE (KABC-TV) A bus carrying youngsters to school was struck by a sport utility vehicle around 8:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Authorities say the teenage driver behind the wheel of the SUV ran a red light at 35th Street East and Avenue R in Palmdale.

The SUV crashed into the bus. The bus then sheared off a fire hydrant and then crashed into a wall of an apartment building parking lot.

A student aboard the bus described the scene as chaotic and said that the students were screaming. He adds that they were terrified of the water pouring into the bus from the broken fire hydrant.

"All I saw was a car came up and hit us and the bus just started flipping and twisting. I didn't notice anything until I saw that a lot of kids were bleeding. Some kids were crying. It was starting to flood inside and we had to get out through the back. We hit one of those little things on the sidewalks. Some guys came to help us and they opened the door. The water was blasting in. A couple of my friends were hurt," said Pablo Mecias, an eyewitness.

Los Angeles County fire Inspector Ron Haralson said 10 people were injured, most or all of them students. Nine had minor injuries and one had moderate injuries and was taken to a hospital.

The school district reported seven students and the bus driver were hurt.

The students were headed to Los Amigos Magnet School, which covers kindergarten through the eighth grade.

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