Uganda bombings kill 1 American, dozens others

KAMPALA, Uganda The first and deadliest bombing happened at a rugby club where soccer fans watched Spain beat the Netherlands outdoors.

Body parts were found in the club leading officials to believe the explosion may have been the work of a suicide bomber.

The second explosion happened at a popular Ethiopian restaurant in Kampala.

At least three Americans travelling with a church group from Pennsylvania were among the wounded.

Authorities believe /*al-Shabab*/, a Somalian militant group with links to /*Al-Qaeda*/ was behind the attacks.

The group bans music, dancing and sports and has recently condemned Uganda for its peacekeeping efforts in Somalia.

One anti-terrorism expert told Eyewitness News that this was not a random act because Uganda also hosts Somali soldiers trained by the United States.

If confirmed it would be the first time ever al-Shabab has carried out attacks outside of Somalia. less dangerous.

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