'Think Like a Man' jumps off Steve Harvey's best-selling book


Actor Romany Malco, who plays Zeke in the film, pinpointed the two age-old conundrums that the film revolves around. He said the biggest mystery for women is how men think, and likewise, the biggest mystery for men is how women think.

The film's springboard book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man," is a best-selling self-help book written by comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey.

The adaptation uses a set of female friends who read Harvey's book and take his advice to heart. When the men find out, they use the book's wisdom to turn the tables on their ladies.

Shooting the film with a large ensemble cast meant for plenty of shared stories on the set.

"It never stopped. We've been keeping from the Craft Service truck to the basketball court to the bar to right here on this couch. This movie has opened up so much conversation about relationships, even amongst us fellas," said actor Terence J, who plays Michael in the film.

The ladies agreed, saying the film led to great discussions for them as well.

"We all know each others' relationships and trial and error and where we've all kind of gone wrong and gone right," said Gabrielle Union, who plays Kristen in the film. "It's more like applying common sense."

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart says the film isn't your run-of-the-mill relationship how-to movie.

"When you talk about relationships and you deal with a topic of this matter, it's endless. You can do these movies for years, but what's unique in this one is the way that it's done," said Hart. "For the first time, we're getting a movie where it's told from a male point of view, which hasn't been done. I think that's what makes this movie stand alone on its own two feet."

The film and the book may offer advice, but was there enough information for these actors to take with them when shooting ended?

"I learned to take relationship advice from your friends with a grain of salt," said Terrence J.

"Think Like a Man" is rated PG-13 and hits theaters April 20.

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