Borderline shooting in Thousand Oaks: Rebirth and healing 1 year later

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Reflecting on the Woolsey Fire and Borderline shooting
Eyewitness News returns to the Ventura County community ravaged by fire and hate, to witness rebirth and healing a year later.

It was 48 hours that changed one Southland community forever. The horror of the Borderline shooting followed up by the destruction of the Woolsey Fire just hours later.

Now, Eyewitness News returns to the Ventura County community ravaged by fire and hate, to witness rebirth and healing a year later.

Borderline 'Party in the Park' honors victims, provides healing for grieving community

The anniversary of the Borderline shooting was marked by a celebration of life in honor of the 12 people killed one year ago. >> View the full story here

Massive spontaneous line dance breaks out at Borderline

Hundreds of dancers were in the spot where thousands of flowers and candles were placed in the days after the shooting last year. >> View the full story here

Borderline owners determined to keep heart of Borderline intact

The owners of the Borderline Bar and Grill are reflecting one year after the deadly shooting. Though plans for when the bar will reopen remain up in the air, the owners are sure about one thing -- they want to keep the heart of Borderline intact. >> View the full story here

Sgt. Ron Helus' widow reflects 1 year later

Ventura County Sgt. Ron Helus ran toward the gunfire and sacrificed his life in order to save others. We were with Karen Helus when she saw her husband's locker and uniform, which is now displayed under lights, for the first time at the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. When asked if it feels like a year has passed, she said, "In some ways it does, but then it also feels like yesterday, too." >> View the full story here

Heroic acts of fallen Sgt. Ron Helus honored with dedicated stretch of 101 Freeway

Sgt. Ron Helus, one of the 12 victims of the shooting, was one of the first responders at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, taking heavy fire from the gunman. A 3.4-mile stretch of the 101 Freeway, which runs adjacent to the scene of the shooting, was renamed in his honor as the Sgt. Ronald Lee Helus Memorial Highway. View the full story here

Brandi Hitt reflects on tragic Borderline shooting, Woolsey Fire

Watching any tragic event unfold in person is heartbreaking. Witnessing two, back-to-back, impact a single community is life-altering. >> View the full story here

Survivor Dylan Short faces fears head on in journey to healing 1 year later

For 25-year-old Dylan Short, the road to healing includes directly facing his fears. "I walked into the most crowded bar I could find, walked in, got myself in the middle of the group where there was no exit planning for myself. Nothing. And basically took the feeling as much as I could head on," he said. A mixture of anger, sadness and anxiety came bubbling up to the surface. View the full story here

'He always had a smile on his face.' Family of 21-year-old Blake Dingman reflects on Borderline shooting anniversary

Lorrie Dingman still cries every day thinking about her 21-year-old son Blake. One way she remembers: A tattoo on her arm with a hand-drawn heart and his written words "Love You!" >> View the full story here

Family of 20-year-old busboy killed in Borderline shooting reflects 1 year later

Mark Meza was working as a busboy at the Borderline Bar and Grill and was among the 12 victims who were shot and killed. We heard from his family for the first time and they say he was creative and had just found his passion with art, photography and making music. View the full story here

Family of 21-year-old Jake Dunham leans on community support for healing and coping with loss

The Healing Garden at Conejo Creek North Park in Thousand Oaks is a place that Kathy and Ken Dunham visit often to reflect and remember their 21-year-old son Jake who was one the 12 victims killed in last year's Borderline shooting. "We know we're not alone because of the huge outpouring of support we receive," said Ken Dunham. View the full story here

Victim's mother still gets messages from her daughter

It's been a year of physical and spiritual healing for Wendy Sparks, whose daughter Noel was killed last year in the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill. >> View the full story here

Family remembers son Telemachus Orfanos on 1-year anniversary

The parents of Telemachus Orfanos share memories of their son on the one year anniversary of the Borderline shooting. His parents believe he went back into the bar and tried to stop the shooter, carrying out a vow he wrote to himself years before as a boy, to mean something to someone besides himself. >> View full story here

Family finds comfort in hearing stories about their daughter Kristina Morisette

Michael and Martha Morisette's daughter's smile is all around them - her pictures hang throughout their home. "Now we have 11 other families that we're connected with at the's really encouraging to hear good stories - to hear good things about your kid," Michael said. >>

View full story here.

Borderline shooting victim Dan Manrique's sister finds solace in other victims' families, Thousand Oaks community

Marine veteran Dan Manrique was two weeks into his dream job for team red white and blue, helping other veterans transition from military to civilian life. Manrique had just arrived at the Borderline Bar and Grill to meet co-workers that fateful November night one year ago. Manrique's sister says it's still difficult for her to deal with the reality of her brother's death - but she finds solace in the comfort of her community in Thousand Oaks. >> View full story here

Dad proud of son Cody who was hero the night of Borderline shooting, helped group of girls to safety

Jason Coffman suffered unimaginable grief after learning his son Cody was among the victims killed inside the Borderline Bar and Grill one year ago. He said the support has been overwhelming. "I can't thank the public and community enough for anything and everything they've done for the Coffmans."

>>View full story here.

Woolsey Fire: Its path of destruction and road to recovery

The Woolsey Fire destroyed more than 1,000 structures and scorched nearly 100,000 acres as it ravaged areas of Los Angeles and Ventura counties last November. Eyewitness News returned to those same neighborhoods to show signs of progress and what remains to be done. >> View full story here.

Borderline shooting timeline: How the tragedy unfolded

Remembering the victims of Borderline

Here's what we know about those who died in a shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill. At least a dozen people were killed when a gunman opened fire.

PHOTOS: Mass shooting at Borderline nightclub in Thousand Oaks

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People stand in a parking lot along South Moorpark Road in the aftermath of a mass shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill, on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018.
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